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"​Learning and sport should be an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all involved. We should strive to use the impact of athletics to educate and inspire. Above all we should take our responsibility and the power entrusted in us to positively impact everyone we meet. Our role extends far beyond football and our potential influence cannot be underestimated"

"PEFS gives local and International children in Prague a fantastic opportunity to develop their football skills through a blend of high quality training programs and fun games, as well as the chance to make new friends. The coaching staff have a great mixture of knowledge and enthusiasm and gives the children an educational and enjoyable experience to enhance their development as a footballer and as a person"

"In terms of development physically and mentally, sports provide children with tools that carry over into life as an adult. I believe in the importance of not only being involved in physical activities at a young age, but the lessons and values taught through sport. At the Prague English Football School, children are not only enjoying playing games, they're making friends and growing into great kids and that's something I'm excited to be a part of"