Mike Rogers 

was born and raised in Orlando, FL and began his football journey at the age of 5. Growing up he dedicated much of his time to both football and American football. At 14, Mike was invited to play for the Dutch club Ajax on their development team in the state of Florida and spent much of his teenage years playing competitively throughout the nation. He attended the University of St. Francis where he chose to play American Football on scholarship but used his remaining eligibility to play football his senior year. Mike spent two years in the state of Florida assisting the Harmony High School girl's Varsity football team and began to develop his identity as a coach. "In terms of development physically and mentally, sports provide children with tools that carry over into life as an adult. I believe in the importance of not only being involved in physical activities at a young age, but the lessons and values taught through sport. At the Prague English Football School, children are not only enjoying playing games, they're making friends and growing into great kids and that's something I'm excited to be a part of."

Danny Murray

has been playing and coaching for a number of years in both England and Czech Republic. He has been able to develop his coaching skills working in the community for grass roots teams and also for professional clubs such as Juventus Soccer School most recently in 2014.

Danny studied sport at college and achieved an additional F.A level 1 coaching certification. He has over ten years’ experience in education working with all ages and abilities. He has successfully facilitated and directed a number of community based projects, bringing together students and families alike. He is able to motivate, guide and support students in all areas of their development.

“PEFS is a great way to bring children together from all over the world, to learn, develop and have fun! It’s also a great pleasure to see parents come along and be involved too!”


​​Learning should be a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Children are active and sociable and learn naturally through movement, play and interactions with each other. The development of sport and motor skills should reflect and promote this.


​​U.E.F.A. certified football coach

CELTA certified English teacher

IHCYLT certified specialist teacher of young learners


S.K. Slavia Prague -English Language Assistant Coach 

Základní škola a Mateřská škola Bílá - English Physical Education teacher

Beverly Hills Futbol Club - Academy Director

UK International Soccer Camps - Technical Training Program Director

Oxford United F.C. - Football in the community coach

Sam Bizzell 

Sam is a professional coach with international experience teaching children in England, America, Spain and the Czech Republic. He has combined his teaching and coaching abilities to develop a unique skill-set in athletic instruction.

Sam studied Coach Education and Sports Development at the University of Bath before continuing his career as program director in a variety of roles in the U.S.A. developing and delivering coaching programs across the Los Angeles region. He recently worked as an Assistant Coach for S.K. Slavia Prague.